• sharimeeks

The Offensive Line

Did you watch Superbowl LV on Sunday?

Our family, along with thousands of other Americans watched the Chiefs and the Buccaneers battle it out for the title of Superbowl LV Champions. If you are a Chiefs fan, like me, you may have felt the defeat close in a little more, quarter after quarter.

For several reasons, the Buccaneers came out on top. But what stuck out to me was hearing the commentators say, “They’ve got to protect the quarterback”. On my way to work on Monday morning, I just kept thinking about the game, about life. And this is what I think God spoke to my heart. I shared this at a group study on Monday night and thought you may profit from reading this, too.

Infiltrate the Line

Sunday night we watched as the Buccaneers found holes, weaknesses in the offensive line. The opponent took every opportunity to sneak through the protection, to threaten and attack Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes.

This weakness inevitably caused Mahomes to run as many yards backward as he did forward, he was forced to throw the ball under enormous pressure, and in some cases, he got sacked. There was one instance where three players from the Buccaneers, coming from all sides, hit him all at once. What looked to be an enormous blow and made me wince in my chair watching from 1200 miles away.

As I watched the Chiefs wear down, allow emotion to infiltrate the game, and for the team to continue to walk out on the field, I had to ask, how do you keep going out on the field when you keep getting pounded like that? What could have been Mahomes motivation? Was it his loyalty to coach Reid? Was it devotion in the team? Was it Love of the game? Faith or Hope?


So, what about in life? What motivates you and me to get out of bed in the morning? When every day we get pounded with things that are adverse?

Last week, I was able to celebrate many victories with others. From health victories to newborn babies, I experienced much delight. But for every victory, another prayer request would come in for close friends or family, or I would experience defeats at work, I had significant issues with my homework, and I even had difficult moments in personal relationships. There was one point where I felt like I was just getting hit from all sides. So when I saw the Buccaneers get through the offensive line, I could relate to the exact feeling of defeat that Mahomes may have been feeling, too.

As I meditated on these things, it became apparent that there was a weakness in my offensive line. Instead of bowing my head in prayer and giving the Lord the weight of the worry, I let the bad news cloud the victories. Instead of taking captive my thoughts, I let them overtake me.

My Offensive Line

This week at church, Pastor Robert Morris of Gateway Church reminded me of foundations to anyone’s faith, and ultimately the foundations of the church. But I would also say, these foundations make a great offensive line. Faith with just one component either weak or missing, can throw off our ability to stand firm when opponent comes after us. When you have a strong offensive line, the quarterback is protected.

The offensive line includes worship, prayer and warfare, servanthood and humility, Jesus and His grace. Where was my weakness last week? Was it my mind wandering during worship? Could it have been that I simply didn’t pray with my whole heart? Was it that I didn’t serve with humility? Maybe I didn’t extend grace to others? Did I extend grace to myself? Was I obedient to what God asked? Did I forget the Word that I was to be standing on? Did I ask my Coach for the play calls or did I make them myself?

No matter where the weakness is in my offensive line, the Lord says in 2 Corinthians 12:9 “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness”. Even though the Chiefs didn’t win the Superbowl, we still learned a lot of lessons. Heck, if the Chiefs would have won, God may not have been able to work through the loss to speak these very words to me and remind me of His power to work through it all.


God also says that His word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path (Psalm 119:105). Through the Spirit, God will give us the play calls to walk through every single moment in life. We can be a faithful, steadfast quarterback when we fully trust in and fix our eyes on our Coach.

You see, Coach Reid may have made the play calls, but it was up to Mahomes to be obedient to follow through. He never gave up and he fulfilled his position in the game. He fought a tenacious fight unto the end. A job well done.

The “big C” will be a strong team of conquerors when we fix our eyes on the Lord as our Coach, stay steadfast in the Word and, press in to keep our “offensive line” strong. We can be victorious when we all take our positions and play the game the best we can.

I learned a lot last week and God made a touchdown in my heart Monday morning as I leaned in to hear what He had to say. Jesus doesn’t say life will be a walk in the park. He knows that we will experience opposition as we walk in the world. But He also says that we don’t have to do it alone. We have our brothers and sisters on the team, and we have a good, good Coach that won’t make any bad calls.

With that, I encourage you to press on my friends.

Run with endurance.

Keep your hustle. The game isn’t over yet.