• sharimeeks

September 13, 2015- Divine Appointments

A woman (who traveled from Tulsa Oklahoma) introduced herself to Tessa, I and my friend. She said to us that she has had visions of Tessa for a while. She didn't ever think she was going to be able to meet Tessa in person, but that she, along with others in Tulsa, have been praying for her for a long time as well. She said that God had a message that she was to deliver: "God has a very defined plan for Tessa in healing and for her future. God knows all of Tessa's ailments and that there was no need for us to fear for her future." She said that I am to be the rudder of the ship. She also gave more direction to me saying that every time I am to touch or hold Tessa, to pray boldly in healing in Jesus' name.

This woman sought Tessa out and was bold to say the things she did. I am positive that she displayed angelic favor in God. And I must say this also, Tessa smiled at this woman and acted as though she has seen/met her before. Similar to her reactions of when she sees her brother....she lit up! More evidence that God's power is great and his angels are among us!

I KNOW that Tessa had met this woman before because I KNOW that she sees and talks to angels (remember that angel sighting earlier this spring? when the angels were warring and healed Tessa's kidneys? Remember that girl that told me Tessa talks to and sees her angels?)

MIND BLOWING PROOF that our God is working tirelessly for us to know him.