• sharimeeks


My boss is a firefighter in a small town Wyoming. Every time the scanner sends out a tone, he tries his hardest to respond. This is the reflex of our volunteer emergency personnel across the United States. As citizens in rural areas, we are constantly dependent upon volunteer EMTs, firefighters, and other emergency personnel such as nurses and doctors, who are willing to answer the tone.

The part that gets me the most, is that these volunteers don't necessarily know the circumstances they are going to find when they get to their destination. There are so many things these folks see that they will never un-see.

Where this really hit home for me recently, is when one of my employees was on the wrong end of a single-vehicle rollover. Several emergency personnel answered that call, including my boss. Each one of those individuals answered the tone without abandon and without knowing who they were going to find. In a small town it could be a best friend, a coworker, a visitor or a long-time resident, the guy that just flicked you off while passing you on the blind corner or the gal you just met in the grocery line.

For me I'm humbled by the very fact that there are strangers out there we're willing to risk their life for the benefit of others, no matter the cost. In a small town, it is also humbling to know that these folks will still work to save your life, no matter what your history is. It is humbling to know that God has put this desire in people's hearts to be compassionate for one another, to care for one another and to answer the tone when they know an emergency is at hand.

I am forever grateful for this very fact and it brings a tear to my eye to know that I can trust the Lord and I can trust those who voluntarily answer the call to action. I'm not sure I can emphasize or articulate correctly how incredibly lucky we are in rural America to have these volunteers who, every day wake up, willing to put their life on the line.

On a day like today where we remember the devastating acts of 9/11, I salute the volunteer firefighters, EMTs, nurses and doctors. I salute the bystanders who are not trained, that are there at the scene, and instantly have that gut reaction to lay down their life.

Today, may we be reminded not of the terrorists or senseless acts that are meant to drive us a part.

Today, may we be reminded that God can take what the enemy meant for evil, and turn it for good.

We live in a broken world, but through love and compassion, we don’t have to submit to it, Thank God.

If you are a veteran, current military, volunteer emergency personnel- I salute you. Thank you and May God Bless.