• sharimeeks

May 17, 2015- Warring Angels

Literally an army of angels swarmed Tessa today. They are in battle with the devil and are gaining an edge. Death has seen its defeat...and Tessa will rise above. This is the best way that I can describe in words what happened this morning.

I walked into church with a heavy heart and a tear-soaked face. Tessa was getting over another ear infection and the cycle of being sick and unsick had left me distraught. I walked into church with a need for healing- in my heart and in Tessa’s.

My girlfriends and I have a routine- we go to the same service, sit in the same rows, even the same chairs, typically. But today, God had a different plan. He sent the Holy Spirit to rain down on River Crossing. The church was packed and none of us were able to sit together this morning. I was running a little late and there was nowhere to sit, except in the very back of the church. So, I took the only chair I could find next to two men I had never met (or seen) before.

During worship, I clung to Tessa- tears streaming from my eyes. Pastor Mike’s sermon was called “Your Kingdom Come”, based of scriptures in Mathew 6:9-10 and 1 Corinthians 12:1-2.

The sermon taught on praying for the Kingdom to Come with the authority we have been given through Christ Jesus. After the sermon, Pastor Mike did an alter call where he asked for the prayer team to come to the front and if anyone was in need of healing or prayer to come forward. There were about 30 prayer team members present at the front of the church. I had never done an alter call before. All I remember is that the church became dimly lit, my knees and my heart were weak. I took Tessa up in my arms, grabbed her oxygen tank and began to walk forward. While standing in line, I saw my friend go to one of the prayer team members, and I had seen him in the past and he had prayed for Tessa in the past, so my mind was made up that I was going to go to him for prayer.

But God had a different plan. She was lit up like an angel-glowing. She was a blonde woman wearing a soft, white sweater….and I literally fell into her arms...tears- so many tears. I didn't speak any words for her to know how to pray but she started her prayer with “Father, You were with me when my daughter was an infant diagnosed with a liver disease…and she was healed”. Tears streaming down my face, this woman prayed for healing of Tessa and she also prayed for me. Tears continuing, I walked back to my seat, head down.

Once I sat down, a bunch of hands came upon Tessa and I. The two men sitting next to me started to pray for us. I could hear angels whispering all around us. I cannot describe those moments very well because I am not sure that words can adequately describe God’s presence. But it was overwhelming!

We took part in communion and at the end of the service my friend Trenna approached me and asked if Pastor Mike and her could pray for healing in Tessa. There was about 6 of us, hands laid on Tessa and praying in agree-ance for her healing.

Shortly after, as I was packing things up, a thin woman dressed in black, long dark hair, and dark red lips approached us. She told me that God told her that Tessa sees and hears angels. They are living among us. I know this is a fact because Tessa’s eyes follow things (presumably angels) all around and she smiles. I believe those angels have entertained Tessa during her days here and continue to protect her every day.

The most amazing part of this story is yet to come. Shortly after this experience, we went to the doctor to have her kidneys re-examined. When she was born she had some kidney abnormalities that caused her to be on a prophylactic antibiotic. On June 9, 2015 we found out her kidneys were completely normal and that there was no need to continue the prophylactic antibiotic. God is Good…He receives all the Glory here.