• sharimeeks

Love + Hope (Tessa) = Faith

"You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruitfruit that will last—and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you."

- John 15:16


I was cleaning my room the other day and this stack of dishevelled papers in the corner got my attention. They have sat in the same spot for nearly 3 years without being touched. The papers were the table coverings from Tessa's heavenly birthday celebration in 2018. The tables were covered that day with brown paper and crayons for guests to doodle words of comfort or whatever was on their hearts.

As I thumbed through the pictures, it was hearts and rainbows that dominated the doodles- rememberances and expressions of love and hope. As I sat and contemplated this, I began to realize that Tessa was the catalyst, the multiplier of hope and love in everyone she came into contact with.

From day one, Tessa promulgated love. She had a way of making your heart burst out of your chest. It was also out of this love, that she united a group of people from all different facets, all different parts of the world. How extraordinary!

Throughout Tessa's life, she experienced many ups and downs. But because of our love for her we would awake every morning with hope. A hope that never ceased...

Hope that she would walk and dance.

Hope that the doctors could pull her through one more pneumonia.

Hope that she would say "I love you" with words.

Hope for one. more. miracle.

I think it's amazing how God chooses us and goes so far as appoints us. How He chose Tessa to exist here- in your life and mine, to bear fruit...lasting fruit. As much as I am aware, Tessa didn't make the choice to choose God. But He chose her and her diagnosis to multiply, to increase the presence of hope and love in our hearts.

As a result, faith increased. Faith that God would intercede;

Faith that she would be healed;

now, Faith that we will see her again.

Whether it was planting the seed in an unbelievers heart or sowing into a faith that was already established. Faith Increased.

You see, He chooses us to be the vessel, the fruitbearer, the catalyst, the multiplier, while here on earth. Our mere existence can multiply the faith of others.

Today marks 3 years since Tessa left us to take Jesus's hand. We still choose cupcakes, we still watch football, and we continue to let God multiply through us.

We all have an opportunity to be a part of God's math. Now, go ahead...put your name in the equation. Watch God multiply.