• sharimeeks

Its an Honor to be Your Mother

Let brotherly love continue. Don't neglect to show hospitality, for by doing this some have welcomed angels as guests without knowing it.- Hebrews 13:1-2

Two years ago today, I was in a hospital bed, waiting for the doctor to come in and say, "Its time to push!" The joy, the uncertainty, the anticipation. Boy or girl? 5lbs or 7? Zane's nose or mine?

That day changed our lives as I gave birth to little Tessa. With no inclination of her disorder prior to that day, we welcomed her and loved on her. And for 24 hours I knew what it was like to hold this little girl with no cords; no hoses; to tubing. My heart breaks a little bit inside as I remember being told there was something more severe that had evolved over the last 9 months. Something that wasn't going to be solved by any surgery.

Nothing could fix the presumed joy that had been robbed from me. I am honest when I say, the last two years have brought forth the ultimate in joy and sadness.

As we learn to roll with the tides of Trisomy 18, I am reminded of all the people who have been transformed by Tessa's presence on earth. Her impact makes every doctor's visit and hospital stay worth it. And I vow to continue doing just what we have over the last 2 years if it means one more person might get to see Jesus.

Her prayer warriors number over 500. She is famous by my standards. More people know her story than I can fathom. All over the world- people are praying for her; for us. Her impact leaves me speechless...and I am honored that my Father found me worthy to host this angel. I am honored to be her mother.

A few weeks ago, as I reflected about honor, I wrote this poem as a prayer of thankfulness to my Father in Heaven. May he be honored to be my Father, as I am honored to care for His daughter.

"It's an honor to be her mother",

that's all I should have to say-

when strangers offer compliments

and curious looks along the way.

I can only imagine their thoughts-

from the outside looking in.

"Man, she's strong" or "That looks tough"

or "I am glad I don't have that burden".

Well, let me tell you, Sister,

You're no burden to me.

Its an honor to be your mother-

I am honored He chose our family.

What blessings you have brought!

What blessings yet to come!

Who am I that God thought so much of me

to send an angel strait from His Kingdom!

So, Father, prepare me for tomorrow,

another day of fleeting time.

May I facilitate her journey here,

Until the moment you say, "she's mine".

Please send your radiant warriors

to accompany Tessa where she roams,

because its an honor to be her mother, Lord,

to host this angel in my home.

Happy Birthday, baby girl. May you never have to question my love for you.