• sharimeeks

How 'bout them Chiefs?

Two years ago, Super Bowl Sunday completely changed for me. Less than two hours before kick-off, our sweet Tessa latched onto Jesus and went home to heaven. I couldn’t even tell you who was playing. I recall checking into a cozy hotel room, ordering pizza, and snuggling with family. It was somber evening, with the chimes and vibrations of text messages and phone calls that played like background music to the football game.

But last night was different. I was snuggled up with my family, but didn’t have a single phone call or text message. Last night, I cheered loud. I felt a piece of me come back to life after two years of clouded wrestling.

So at 5 a.m. this morning, shovel in hand, after the Lord blessed us with an incredible 12 inches of snow overnight, I couldn’t help but think, “How ‘bout that 4th quarter comeback that keeps the fans at the edge of their seats? How ‘bout that team that never gives up, stays positive through it all, encourages one another even though it seemed like the game wasn’t going to end in their favor? How ‘bout the coach that never gave up, the coach that was persistent, calm, and dependable. How ‘bout those tears he shed when the team brought home the win?”

I loved that game last night. I loved the intensity right down to the very last minute. I loved how much that it resembles you and me in the fight for our lives. I loved how much it resembles what the church should look like; encouraging one another and rejoicing when a brother or sister comes into faith! The tears of joy I imagine the Lord sheds when the team brings home a “win” for the souls, when we shine our lights so brightly and overcome the world’s notion that we won’t come out on top.

“How ‘bout those Chiefs?” How ‘bout God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit- the ultimate Chiefs that bring us to new life?!

Tessa was a team player; a fighter. She had less than a 50% chance of being born and a 10% chance of celebrating her 1st birthday. But my little girl was approved by our Chiefs in the Trinity. For 3.5 years, our Tessa brought home so many “wins” and shined so brightly. The team, the church, encouraged us and cheered her on, and never gave up their faith and hope in the Lord for her situation. I can only imagine the tears of joy as Lord embraced our sweet Tessa, redeemed her and made her whole when she made her final touchdown.

This year, I believe is a year of redemption. This is the year for men and women to believe who they are in Christ Jesus. To find life in their identity as His Chosen Ones! And to overcome circumstance through a new or deeper relationship with the Chief.

The Lord is always there, waiting for you to turn your heart towards His. He is ready to lift you up from defeat, brush you off, put you back in the game and help to show you a new way to play. He is ready to redeem you. He is ready to help you win the game.

So. In the words of Coach Reid, “How ‘bout them Chiefs?”