• sharimeeks

A Poem for Tessa

She was meant to be a dancer,

in my dreams, I suppose.

The way she wiggles those rocker feet,

and points her little toes.

She was meant to play with dolls,

ride a bike, and rodeo.

She was meant to be my little girl,

for everyone to know.

She was meant to change worlds,

fill auditoriums with her wit.

She was meant to be a shining light,

anywhere the need fit.

Her smile could bring Goliath down,

defeating enemies with her eyes.

That same smile brings happiness and laughter,

her eyes as blue as the skies.

She was meant to say “I love you”,

and “Momma, tuck me in”

She was meant to say “can we pray?”

or “Momma, Noel’s not sharin’”

But I know…

My sweet Tessa dances with Jesus

and rides for His brand.

The brand that brings healing

and hope to this land.

She is the daughter of the Most High,

made famous in our home.

And her eyes speak a thousand words,

her hugs make God's love known.

It’s taken a while for me to figure it out,

but I know God has a plan.

His plan doesn’t always jive with mine,

but its molding me into a stronger woman.

I couldn’t ask for a better journey,

because my heart has changed forever.

And even though my dreams may remain dreams, I will always remember

Tessa is the ship and I, the rudder.