Why Everyday Sunday?

Everyday Sunday exists to share the Gospel of Christ and to encourage all to live out our faith, not just on Sunday, but every day.

I've seen the fruit from both sides-

I know what it's like to walk without asking God's direction. I know what its like to go through the motions but not have a real relationship with Christ.  And I've been blessed to walk with God's hand in mine, carrying me through every moment.

Without God, I experienced much heartache, confusion and sorrow.  But once I asked for it and with His lead I have walked an incredible path of JOY in every circumstance, including that of our journey with Tessa...and her eventual reunification with Jesus in Heaven.

A flame resides in me that wants to add fuel to the spark that rests in every soul.  YOUR soul.  That very spark was ignited at your birth and yearns for the oxygen only available by the breath of Christ.

Not only do I want to be a lamp on your journey to find Christ, but I want to see you flourish as the Child of God that you were born as.

That said, Everyday Sunday offers educational opportunities for both men and women in our community.

I invite you to participate.  No matter where you are on your faith journey, there is a place for you to share the Gospel of Christ, to grow in your faith foundation, and to live out your God-given gifting and purpose.

I would encourage you to Subscribe to the site so you can stay "up to date" with educational opportunities and activities.


Hi! I’m Shari,

An advocate for spiritual growth and stewardship


Its a beautiful thing.  When God takes those things of the past and gives them purpose in the future.  Not necessarily to go back, but to be reminded of the path, interactions along the way, and searching for God in all of it.

I have been digging so hard.  Grief will turn every thought upside down, it made me believe that I knew what God was doing in my life, and then found out I was completely wrong!

Two years ago, I would have told you that I was going to quit my job as a rangeland specialist and go into full-time ministry.  I thought the stars were aligning. But God knew how it was all going to play out.

He knew that I would still be a rangeland specialist today AND that I would still have an ever-growing, burning desire for ministry in my heart.  I was once told that I had dual passion.  And it couldn't be more true.  God has also granted me the gift to write which helps to share the gospel.  The only platform I have is this one, so I will consider it my mountaintop.

The thoughts I share stem from life in the trenches of motherhood and navigating our daughter's short life here on earth.  But also, I would be remiss if I didn't intersect writing and the gospel with my daily life as a rangeland specialist, mother, wife, philosopher, friend, daughter, and sister.  There are so many things to share and its exciting to see God working in it all.

So, come with me on this journey.  Let's open our eyes and be expectant to find Him everywhere!